Edwin Economics is dedicated to understanding the 2019/2020 global economic meltdown, and the structural changes necessary for a sustainable future.

What 2019/2020 global economic meltdown? The one that’s unfolding as you read this…

Average growth over the last decade has been on par with average growth during The Great Depression. The reason for this is structural flaws in the economy itself, flaws that are largely ignored or simply overlooked by the vast majority of economists.

The Economics of the Economy explains the structural flaws in the economy, and why Classical, Austrian, Keynesian and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) thinking fail to provide adequate solutions to the economic challenges we face today. The book and this site are not intended as doomsday publications, but rather material to educate people on the real issues, empower us to think differently and evolve the economy to function more efficiently and sustainably for the benefit of society at large.

A relapse of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis is a certainty at this point, a fact that is blindingly obvious when you understand The Economics of the Economy. Whether it begins this year or in 2018 remains to be seen, and a number of events could trigger the inevitable collapse, but the real challenge is not predicting it but fixing it.

The global response to the 2008 crisis didn’t just fail to solve the fundamental issues facing the economy, it made them worse. As the next crisis develops, it will be imperative to avoid the same mistakes again.

The first three chapters of The Economics of the Economy is published here FREE of charge. The full book is preliminarily available in PDF format for only US$9.99. Enjoy.